Two jobs.
No life.


Hi friends this is a little reminder to charge your phone, take your meds, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and listen to lots of music!! Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance and I hope you take time to take care of yourself.

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I’ve finally collected all 52 animated features by Disney!! BEST DAY EVER!!!
A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.


I will reblog this every single time

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This is so fucking awesome

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My darling, you are allowed to fail without being a failure. You are allowed to make mistakes without becoming one. More opportunities will present themselves, you will find hope again.
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you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

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This is the best gif you’ll ever see
Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you.
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I am genuinely so happy that you have found happiness in your life.
I knew that good things will come to you.
It was only a matter of time.